Friday, 11 April 2008

BT - stop press - reply from the Chief Exec

The story so far:
I believe British Telecom tricked customers into paying an extra 2000% (was 5p now 90p) for 60 minute evening calls by offering free weekend calls as a smokescreen. I emailed BT's chief exec to complain. He personally replied not once, but twice.

I felt it was only fair to send a copy of my last post to BT's Chief Executive Ben Verwaayen, which I did immediately. I prefaced it with a note:

Dear Mr. Verwaayen,

I very much appreciate your quick and personal response to my complaint

I have published an account of the handling of my complaint in my blog and
pasted it here so that BT may learn something from my experience.

As a shareholder I hope BT won't lose too many customers as a result of the
recent poorly implemented price-plan changes.

Within 4 minutes I received another personal reply:

We are going to learn from your email, b elieve me!



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