Thursday, 19 June 2008

Abbey's 50 day delay

A Long wait for the Abbey's confirmation

Finally, after a delay of 50 working days, Abbey has managed to post me a letter confirming that the ISA I applied for on 9th April has been opened. In fact its been open since 21st April.

So when senior Customer Resolutions Manager Rachel Dimond phoned me on Friday and asked if I was satisfied with the way my complaint had been resolved I answered with a resounding 'no'. In fact I went further - I asked her to compensate me for the numerous phone calls I had made trying to establish what had gone wrong.

'We don't compensate customers for their time' she responded. 'I'm not talking about time, I'm talking about trust and inconvenience' I replied. We agreed that £50 would be fair. That was the moment I chose to tell her that I had also written to the Chairman of Abbey's owner Banco Santander to complain. 'You'll never see that cheque' was my partner's response when I told her. So far she's right - I haven't seen that cheque. I wonder how many 'working days' it might take...

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